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Terminated Cables, sorted by Part Number

Here are a number of the cables we stock, offered in various applications, colors and connector types. If you are looking for bulk unterminated cable, this isn't the place; go to our Unterminated Cable department.

Cable Description
Belden 1694A"Brilliance" Precision Video Coax, RG-6 type; our favorite
Belden 1695APlenum-rated (Teflon dielectric) version of Belden 1694A
Belden 1505ARG-59 type Brilliance Precision Video Coax
Belden 1505FHigh-flex Brilliance Precision Video Coax
Belden 1855AMiniature Brilliance Precision Video Coax
Belden 1800FShielded twisted-pair balanced audio cable
Belden 89259Plenum-rated (Teflon dielectric and jacket) RG-59 cable
Belden 8281Traditional professional analog video cable
Canare LV-61SOur most flexible video coax, RG-59 type
Canare LV-77SSimilar to L-5CFB but stranded conductor, more flexible
Canare L-4E6SStar quad balanced audio cable

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