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Belden 1800F

Belden 1800F is Belden's finest shielded twisted-pair cable for balanced audio use; it consists of two 24 AWG stranded conductors, insulated with foam polyethylene, encased in a tinned copper spiral braid with bare copper drain wire, all in a flexible PVC jacket. Belden 1800F is a 110 ohm AES/EBU cable, designed not only for analog audio use, but also for the most demanding balanced digital audio applications. Our standard connector for Belden 1800F cables is the Neutrik XLR connector with gold-plated pins and a color-band identifier, but we also can offer RCA and 1/4 inch phone plugs; write for availability and pricing.

View the technical specs for Belden 1800F.

Belden 1800F Balanced Audio Cable
(AES/EBU, low-capacitance, high-flex cable)
NOTE: pricing is per cable; if you need pairs, you must order two.
Length in feet
Cable Color
Band Color
Connector, end 1
Connector, end 2

If you need a length, type or configuration of cable not listed here, please e-mail us and we'll respond promptly with a custom quote.

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