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Do I Need a New HDMI Cable? Probably Not...Here's WhyWhy most HDMI sales pitches are nonsense, and why you should probably hang on to your money; and how to tell when you really DO need a new HDMI cable.
"Premium HDMI Cable" -- What is it, and Why?An explanation of HDMI Licensing's newest cable certification tier.
HDMI 2.1 and the HDMI Cable: an Early LookThe HDMI 2.1 spec was released November 28, 2017 -- what does it mean for cabling? Our first notes on this subject.
Is Your Cat 6 a Dog?Our report of a test of twenty so-called "Cat 6" cables, from a variety of vendors, shows that much of what's sold as Cat 6 simply isn't.
"All Ones and Zeros"It's "all ones and zeros" on an Ethernet cable, so cable quality doesn't matter -- or does it?
"Tested at the Frequency"Why are Ethernet cables tested at such a broad range of frequencies?
Beware the "Channel Certified" Dodge Why not to buy a Cat 5e, Cat 6 or Cat 6a patch cord which is said to be "channel compliant" or "channel certified."
Terrible Terminations How even perfectly good Ethernet cable and connectors, put together badly, can result in lousy performance
"Built to a Spec" One sometimes hears that Ethernet cables are all alike, because, after all, they're all "built to the specification." Is that true?
Bah! The Subwoofer Hum Bug, and How to Fix It A humming subwoofer is not a good thing. Here are tips for stopping it.
Good, Better, Best (Or Not!) Why our best cable for your application may also be our least expensive
HDMI Cables -- An OverviewAnswers a variety of common questions about HDMI cables, and addresses various misconceptions surrounding HDMI.
HDMI 2.0 Compliance and CablesIs this cable 2.0 compliant? The answer is surprisingly simple.
Is This Cable HDMI 1.4-compliant?Explains why it's incorrect to refer to an HDMI cable as a "1.4 cable" and how the 1.4 and other HDMI spec versions actually relate to cable capabilities.
HDMI Cable Spec Versions Explains what different versions of HDMI spec compliance mean, as applied to cables.
How Long Can HDMI Run? Addresses limitations on distance with HDMI connections.
What's With These "Speed Rated" HDMI Cables?The difference between puffery and fact when it comes to HDMI cable "speeds."
Belden HDMI Cable Design NotesA review of some of the design considerations that went into our Belden bonded-pair HDMI cables.
Where Does HDMI Cable Come From?If it's not ours, it comes entirely from China; this article explains and details the point, and provides resources to see for yourself where an HDMI cable is made.
What's the Matter with HDMI?Explains how the HDMI standard was badly designed, the problems that result, and what one can do to avoid difficulties.
What's a "Certified" HDMI Cable?Addresses the myth of "1080p Certification" and the question of just what sort of testing HDMI cables are actually subjected to.
Belden HDMI InfoMore detailed information on our Belden bonded-pair HDMI cable.
Component to HDMI CablesIf you think there's no such thing, you're right; here's why.
What does AWG (American Wire Gage) Mean?What wire gage is, and how it relates to cable quality for a variety of applications.
Do "You Get What You Pay For" in Cable?The relationship between cost, quality and price in audio and video cable.
Broadcast Quality -- What Does it Mean, and Why is it Good?Discusses the difference between broadcast-quality audio and video cables and typical consumer market products.
What is Impedance, Anyhow?For those who have wondered...
A Question of BalanceA simple explanation of balanced and unbalanced audio circuits and cables and common mode noise rejection.
Is there Really a True 75 Ohm RCA Plug?Why the Canare RCAP RCA plug is the best plug available for impedance matching with 75 ohm coaxial cables.
What Does "RG-6" Mean?What the common "RG" designations associated with coaxial cables do and don't mean.
Exotic Materials and Cable ConstructionDo we really need silver, oxygen-free copper and Teflon to make the best cables?
Hum Rejection in Unbalanced Audio CablesA comparison of the ability of various cables to reject low-frequency hum.
Video Cable Shielding and the Myth of Quad ShieldA review of what video cable shielding is, how it works, and what shield configurations are most effective in keeping out RFI.
Digital and Analog Cables--What's the Difference?An exploration of how digital and analog signals degrade differently in cable runs, and why modern digital video cables are well-suited both for digital and analog use.
Signal Types and Connector Types--Keeping them StraightA review of the various types of video signal formats one may face in wiring a home theater, and their relationship to the types of cables and connectors required to hook equipment together.
Understanding In-wall Speaker, Video and Audio Cable RatingsA summary of the requirements of the National Electrical Code for the use of NEC-rated cables in home theater installations in walls, risers and plenums.
Video Cables from the Inside OutA review of the inner structure of video cables, and how the center conductor, dielectric, shield and jacket of a video cable interact to affect performance.
Component Video Cables -- A GuideA discussion of what component video cables are, how they're constructed, and what specifications and characteristics are particularly important to component video cable quality.
HDMI versus Component--Which is Better?Explains the difference between HDMI and component video cable connections, and generally why they may behave differently from one another.
Does Wire Matter?A short discussion of why cables can make a difference to your system's performance.
What Wire Does With
All Those Electrons
A closer look at just what's going on, electrically, in a cable, and why it affects the quality of a signal.
Home Theater Installation -- The Role of CablingSome considerations in planning a home theater installation, specifically with regard to installed cabling.

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