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S-Video Cables

S-Video Cable and jack

If you've been around a while, you may recall the days when s-video was the next new thing, featured on the latest laserdisk players, S-VHS decks and satellite receivers. S-Video delivers better color and resolution than one-wire "composite" video by separating the luminance (brightness) and chrominance (color) elements of the signal, but is inferior to three-wire "component" video. While s-video is surely not the popular product it once was, we still have the cable and connectors and still produce high-quality s-video assemblies for those who need them. We offer two types of S-Video Cables: a flexible single cable made with S-Video mini-coax, for runs up to 50 feet, and S-Video "Breakout" cable sets, for longer runs where only the lowest-loss performance will do.

YC-2 S-Video Cable

Blue Jeans Cable YC-2 S-Video Cable:

BJC YC-2--our solution to the difficulties of s-video

S-video cable presents a couple of basic problems, both related to size. Because s-video cable needs to be small to maintain high flexibility (so that the mini-DIN plugs, which have no grip mechanism, won't pry themselves out of equipment jacks) and to fit the limited available cable entry room in a mini-DIN connector, the tolerances in s-video cable typically aren't very tight--and the shielding often isn't what it should be. With this in mind, we decided to custom-design our own s-video cable; we asked Belden to build us a cable the same size as its standard 1808A s-video cable, but with enhancements. First, we changed the center conductor from stranded to solid, to help control impedance better. Second, to further contribute to impedance control and dramatically improve noise rejection, we changed the shield configuration completely; where 1808A has a "serve" shield and no foil, our design has a 100% coverage foil layer and a 90% coverage tinned copper braid. The result, which we call the YC-2 S-video cable, has improved impedance tolerance (+/-3 ohms, as compared to the typical +/-5 ohms) and improved shield effectiveness as compared with typical stock s-video cables.

The Connectors:

After reviewing many samples of 4-pin mini-DIN s-video plugs from a variety of manufacturers, we've had these s-video plugs made to our requirements. The pin body is strong, and the pins are as bend-resistant and migration-resistant as any we can find. Strain relief on the cable is highly effective, provided by a robust internal cable clamp which grips right in to the cable jacket, taking the stress of bending and pulling entirely off the solder joints. The pins and the outer contact surface are all gold-plated for solid, no-corrosion contact. We cut, terminate and test all of our s-video cables in our own shop in Seattle, Washington.

Breakout Adapters and BNC-terminated Cables

S-Video "Breakout" Cable Sets:

Mini-coax, if it's built right, is just great for conveying video signals--but it does result in higher attenuation than you'd get from a full-sized coax. If you need to run S-Video over distances greater than fifty feet, or if you are just the sort of person who can't stand using mini-coax, take a look at our "breakout" cables.

Little Plugs, Big Coax

No amount of wedging and squeezing will get two full-sized coax cables into a mini-DIN plug, and even if it could, the pins are so small that you'd have to strip away most of the braid just to get something small enough to solder. The answer to the problem is simple: at each end of the S-Video run is a breakout adapter, with a mini-DIN at one end and two female BNC connectors at the other. Our breakout adapters are custom-made for us by AVLink; yes, we could make them ourselves, but it would cost more and, given that the breakout connectors run about six inches long, it's unlikely that any perceptible difference in video quality would result. Between these breakout connectors, we run our favorite high-bandwidth precision video coax: Belden 1694A, terminated with Canare BNC plugs (if you prefer another coax, write for a price quote). Instead of a mini-coax, your S-Video signals travel through full-sized, low-loss, high-bandwidth coax, suitable for runs of any length.

To Order:

Just fill in your cable length in feet in the appropriate form below, select any applicable options, and the price will display to the right. To purchase, click "add to cart." To see prices for these cables in a variety of lengths, see our S-Video Pricing Table.

BJC YC-2 S-Video Cable
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S-Video Breakout Cable sets
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S-Video Breakout Adapter, single $12.00

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