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Canare TS-100E Cable Stripper:

The Canare TS-100E coaxial cable stripper is a versatile stripping tool for preparation of cable ends in connection with use of Canare crimp-on RCA, BNC or F connectors. Cable strip lengths are preset for the required dimensions, and the stripper has five strip depth settings, each with three individually-adjustable blade controls to allow the stripper to be used with a wide variety of coaxial cables.

Canare TS-100E coaxial cable stripper$77.00

Canare Crimp Handle:

The Canare TC-1 Crimp Tool is a Swedish-made ratchet-release style crimping tool, designed for use with the Canare crimp die sets (listed below).

Canare TC-1 Crimp Tool (no die)$100.00

Canare Crimp Dies:

The following die sets will work with the Canare TC-1 Crimp Tool.

Part No.PriceBuyCommon Applications
Canare C25, C3 and C53 Crimp plugs
Canare C4 Crimp plugs
Canare C5 and C77 Crimp plugs

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