About Us

Blue Jeans Cable is a manufacturer of cable assemblies in Seattle, Washington. We are located in the Interbay neighborhood (between Queen Anne and Magnolia), and (at this writing, in 2016) employ eight full-time workers manufacturing a variety of cables for home theater, data networking, and broadcast.

Our History:

We entered this business as a husband/wife team in 2002, making a variety of cable assemblies in our dining room. A warm reception from the home theater community online led to our expanding operations into a small warehouse, and then adding employees to keep up with demand. After a few relocations and expansions, we are now settled in our own building in Seattle.

Our Philosophy: Manufacturing

As a general rule, if we can assemble a cable in the United States in our own shop, rather than jobbing the work out to an offshore factory, we will. We manufacture the majority of the assemblies we sell, unlike the great majority of our competitors, and we understand the technical attributes of our products intimately. Even where we cannot assemble a cable in an economical fashion in-house, we seek to use American components wherever possible -- for example, in our bonded-pair HDMI cables, which are made from US-manufactured cable stock but are assembled in China.

Our Philosophy: Marketing and Engineering

We entered this business after a bit of frustration in shopping for audio and video cables for home theater -- everywhere we looked, we found nonsense claims about the characteristics of what ought to have been relatively straightforward products. Our background is not in the airy heights of audiophilia, and not in the anything-to-make-it-cheaper world of importing containers full of Chinese goods, but in the reality-based, engineering-based world of broadcast-quality communications cabling. Our original mission was bringing standard broadcast cabling products into home theater installations; as we've grown over the years we've taken on an increasing amount of custom product made to our own specifications, but our insistence upon solid engineering-based quality, as opposed to fluffy sales talk, remains the same. We won't try to sell you anything you don't need, and when the cable you already own is probably doing what you need, we won't try to upsell you. And with that orientation toward the broadcast world comes another principle: we price our cables in a manner that reflects pricing of similar assemblies in the professional broadcast market, rather than trying to scale the pricey peaks of the boutique cable landscape.

Our Philosophy: Employment

We don't believe in an employment relationship where an employer tries to nickel-and-dime the employees. Our commitment to manufacturing in the United States is inextricably bound up with our commitment to making Blue Jeans Cable a place people are happy to go to work -- whatever else may be happening to America's manufacturing base, this ought to be a place where people are paid well and treated like part of the team, with the result that our manufacturing work is being done by people who are experienced and conscientious. In addition to paying a living wage, we cover our employees' health premiums in full, and we maintain a SEP-IRA retirement program so that every employee is saving for retirement WITHOUT having to make paycheck deductions to do it. We are proud to be able to say that our employees stay with us -- we have almost no employee turnover.

In Summary:

American manufacture; quality at reasonable prices; employees who are treated right. These are and will remain the pillars on which Blue Jeans Cable is built. Give us a try -- or, if you need some assistance, give us a call.

Kurt and Pam
Blue Jeans Cable