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Belden 89259

Belden 89259 is a plenum-rated RG-59 type video coax, with a stranded (7x30) centre conductor and bare copper braid shield, and with FEP (Teflon) dielectric and outer jacket. Seldom used in its original intended application, Belden 89259 was popularized for use in audio interconnects by Jon Risch. We terminate our Belden 89259 cables with Canare crimp-type plugs.

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From the form below, you can order any available length of 89259 in any application. Be careful to ensure that all of the options are properly selected; in particular, be sure that your connector types are appropriate for the application. Unlike the order forms in our other departments, this form will not restrict you from ordering, for example, a BNC/BNC Subwoofer cable, and if you need RCA Connectors at both ends as is typical for that application, the cable won't fit. See the table below the form for details as to the number of conductors and the strain relief boot color-coding for each application.

Belden 89259 Cables
Length in feet
What's This?
What's This?

Channels and Boot colors:

The applications listed in the dropdown box above determine how many cables are in the set, and what the color-coding of the strain relief boots on the cables will be. The following is a listing of these attributes:

Digital Audio1Orange
Composite Video1Yellow
Stereo2Red, White
S-Video Breakout2Red, White (includes adapters)
Composite Video/Stereo Audio3Yellow, Red, White
Component Video3Red, Green, Blue
RGBS4Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
RGBHV5Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White
Five-Channel Audio5Red, White, Black, Brown, Grey
Six-Channel Audio6Red, White, Black, Brown, Grey, Purple
Seven-Channel Audio7Red, White, Black, Brown, Grey, Yellow, Green
Eight-Channel Audio8Red, White, Black, Brown, Grey, Yellow, Green, Purple

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