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Belden 8281

Belden 8281, once upon a time, was the standard professional broadcast video cable. By today's standards, it leaves a lot to be desired; it's very thick, quite inflexible, and, because of its polyethylene outer jacket, burns like a candle. We recommend Belden 8281 only if you are in need of cables to add to an existing facility where your wiring and EQ is all 8281. If you're looking for something to wire new equipment, take a look at Belden's newer-generation coaxes, such as 1694A, 1505A, and 1855A, which are smaller and more flexible. Because of its size, 8281 is often mistaken for an RG-6 or RG-11 sized cable; it's actually an RG-59, and its large size is accountable to its solid PE dielectric, which is less efficient than a modern foamed dielectric.

We terminate our 8281 cables with Canare BNC plugs, without strain relief boots (Canare doesn't make a boot large enough for 8281); we do not have RCA or F connectors suitable for this cable.

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Belden 8281 Cable
BNC to BNC; may have black or blue jacket depending on stock
Length in feet

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