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How Soon Will My Order Arrive?

Our Production Process:

Because we custom-cut and terminate many of our products for our customers, people often assume that it'll take a long time for an order to arrive. In actual practice, we ship the majority of our orders within one business day, and practically all within two business days; many orders ship the same day they're received. When your order comes in, it goes into its own bin right away, and we have people doing nothing but pulling, cutting, spooling, crimping and soldering cable all day to make sure that that bin makes it to our shipping station as soon as possible.

For cables that we custom cut and terminate, we have practically everything in stock, practically all of the time; customers often ask whether we really have, say, a 9.5 foot red seven-channel audio cable set in techflex ready to go out. The answer, of course, is that we don't; but we have the cable and the connectors, and we're standing ready to build it at any time and can get it built and shipped quickly. It doesn't matter whether you order something ordinary or something unusual; we have the cable and the connectors, and we build it just as fast whether it's a popular 6-foot component video cable or something really obscure.

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