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New: Certified Premium HDMI Cables

Blue Jeans Cable is First to Market in the USA with a "Premium" Certified HDMI Cable

November 25, 2015

Blue Jeans Cable is proud to announce that we've received "Premium HDMI Cable" certifications for all lengths of our Series-FE HDMI cable up to 15 feet.

The Premium HDMI Cable certification program was created by HDMI Licensing, who administer the HDMI specification, to address two issues in HDMI cable: (1) the HDMI 2.0 specification permits data rates of up to 18 Gbps through an HDMI cable to accommodate enhanced 4K signals, but previously existing cable testing criteria actually measure the cable's characteristics only to 10.2 Gbps, and (2) misrepresentation of cable certifications in the HDMI cable market is common and difficult to police. Under the program, extended testing of HDMI cables at specific lengths to the full 18.0 Gbps is required, and cables are individually labeled with a counterfeit-proof tag which identifies the cable as a Premium-compliant HDMI cable, to provide the customer assurance of a valid, applicable, full-bandwidth certification that ensures compliant performance for even the most demanding 4K HDMI signals.

Blue Jeans Cable's Series-FE cable, on the market since 2010, is made from US-manufactured cable stock (made in Belden plants in Monticello, Kentucky and Richmond, Indiana) which, alone among HDMI cables, incorporates Belden's bonded-pair technology for improved return loss, impedance stability and skew. Because of these characteristics, compliance with the Premium HDMI Cable specification has not required product modifications, and Blue Jeans Cable is selling the product already, at lengths from 1 to 15 feet. While technically the cable is not deemed a "Premium HDMI Cable" until the counterfeit-proof labels are attached, the good news is that our standards haven't changed and if you purchased one of these cables before we had the certification, it's the same quality cable as the ones built after.

For further information as to what the Premium HDMI Cable program involves, and what the certifications mean, see our article: Premium HDMI Cable.

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