1 foot HDMI Cable

We stock the following 1 foot HDMI cables. All of our 1 foot HDMI cables are Category 2 "High Speed" HDMI cable, capable of handling all resolutions, color depths, and other features and protocols (apart from Ethernet) provided under any version of the HDMI specification.

We also carry HDMI cables in a wide variety of other lengths; to see our full selection, or to read more detailed information about any 1 foot HDMI cable listed below, visit our main HDMI Cable department.

Tartan Brand 28 AWG 1 foot HDMI Cable
(Our most flexible HDMI cable)
1 foot HDMI cable, Tartan 28 AWG, available in black, white, red, green, blue or yellow

BJC Series-FE 28 AWG 1 foot HDMI Cable
(Our best high-flex cable; US-manufactured cable
stock, connectorized in China.)
Price Color
1 foot HDMI cable, BJC Series-FE bonded pair HDMI cable, available in black (shown) or white

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