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Privacy Policy

Like you, we prefer to shop on the Internet without worrying about our private information being used for purposes we didn't intend.

Sharing Customer Data: We do not and will not sell, give or share our customers' names and contact info to or with any other vendor or any bulk mailing service.

Spamming: We do not send unsolicited e-mail to anyone, nor do we authorize anyone else to do so on our behalf. If in the future we make a customer newsletter available, we will do so on a strict opt-in basis and will send our past customers a single e-mail advising them of the availability of this newsletter; customers who do not explicitly opt in by responding to that mail will receive no further solicitation from us.

Credit Card Info: When you check out on our site, your credit card information is accepted over an encrypted SSL connection made directly between you and our payment processor, such that our server never "sees" your credit card information at all. We do not record or store any credit card information on our server.

Cookies: Our shopping cart will use a session cookie to help keep track of the contents of your cart and your address information. Credit card information is not stored by us in any form. We do not use any information stored in a cookie for any purpose other than completion of your purchase.

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