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By U.S. Mail/Federal Express/UPS:

Blue Jeans Cable
3216 16th Ave W
Seattle WA 98119

Please note: We do not maintain a walk-in retail shop, and most of our products are not kept in stock in pre-assembled form, so if you want to arrange pick-up of cables in person, you'll need to order ahead and let us know when you'll be coming.


(206) 284-2924 voice
(206) 284-2931 FAX

Please note: Although we are able to take credit card orders by telephone, we very strongly prefer to take your order in writing, either through our online shopping cart or by fax or mail. To order by fax or mail, use our order form and attach an itemized list of what you're purchasing (preferably a printout of a shopping cart generated by clicking the "buy" buttons on this site).


Blue Jeans Cable
3216 16th Ave W
Seattle, Washington 98119
206 284 2924