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Projector, HDTV and RGB/H/V Cables
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HD-15 to HD-15 Cables
One-Piece HD-15 to RCA or BNC Cables
Full-sized RGB/S and RGB/H/V Cables, with or without HD-15 Breakout Adapters

We offer a wide selection of cables for use with HDTV devices, LCD, DLP and CRT projectors, and computer/video integration, along with conventional RGB/S and RGB/H/V cables terminated with RCA and BNC connectors. Because the HD-15 or "VGA" computer monitor-type plug has become a common sight on these types of devices, one of the most common problems is just how to get signals into and out of these tiny plugs. Whether you just need to go from one HD-15 to another, need to hook component video up to a projector or HD display's VGA port, or need a conventional RGB/S or RGB/H/V cable, we have what you need.

The HD-15 Plug, used on many HDTV devices and video projectors

The HD-15 Plug Problem:

The HD-15 connector may be a favorite with today's video equipment designers, but it's a lousy video connector and gives rise to a real cabling problem. The connector body is too small, and the pins are too closely spaced, for the connector to accommodate full-sized precision video cable. This problem can be solved in one of two ways. Either we can (1) use a miniature coax bundle which is sized to fit the HD-15, or (2) fit a "breakout" adapter to the HD-15, running miniature cable out just a short distance to BNC jacks which can then be joined to full-sized coax for the remainder of the run. Which of these options is better will depend on run length; for short runs, a high-quality miniature coax will deliver excellent results, while keeping excess connectors out of the signal chain, while for long runs, the lower-loss characteristics of the full-sized cables will make the breakout the better choice. It's very hard to say in principle where the breakpoint occurs between these two methods; as a somewhat arbitrary rule of thumb, we usually recommend the single cable for runs under 15 feet, and the breakout for longer runs.

Belden 1522A: The Mini-Coax Solution

For short runs where miniature coax is the best answer, or for applications where keeping cable size and convenience down is important, we offer cables made with Belden 1522A; a picture of this cable, stripped, is displayed to the right. Belden 1522A is a bundle of five tiny precision video coaxes designed for RGB/H/V use; despite the small size, this is an extremely well-made and high-quality cable. Each of the individual coaxes is covered with a two-layered foil shield, which in turn is covered by a 90% coverage tinned copper braid. These five coaxes are then covered with another outer shield of foil, with a drain wire for solid ground connection. Although signal loss is always a concern with miniature coax, we have tested computer monitor cables made with Belden 1522A out to 40 feet, and have seen no loss of image quality on a conventional computer display at that length.
Belden 1522A Cable, stripped to show its inner construction
HD-15 to HD-15 Cable, made with Belden 1522A

HD-15 to HD-15 Cables:

Our HD-15 to HD-15 cables, made with Belden 1522A, use a standard gold-pin HD-15 solder-type pin body, and a solid all-metal shell for good mechanical stability and electrical shielding. View our HD-15-to-HD-15 Cable Price List

HD-15 to RCA or BNC Cables:

We also offer cables with an HD-15 on one end, and the other end terminated with Calrad solder-type RCA plugs or RF male 75 ohm BNC plugs, also using Belden 1522A (note: the male BNC is not what you want if you need a breakout cable--see our breakout adapters below). These are available with three or five plugs, depending on your application--three for component or "sync on green" RGB, five for RGB/H/V (and yes, the five-way will work with RGB with composite sync). View our HD-15 to RCA or BNC Price List
Belden 1522A Cable with HD-15 plug and Three RCA plugs, for Component Video or Sync-on-green RGB

The Full-Size Solution: Full-Sized Cable with Breakout Adapters

We offer RGB, RGB/S, and RGB/H/V cables in full-sized versions also, and these can be used either on their own--with equipment that doesn't use those pesky HD-15 connectors--or with an HD-15 "breakout" adapter, a short length of miniature coax which separates the HD-15 into multiple female BNCs to be joined to the full-sized cable. The advantage of this arrangement is lower signal loss over long runs.

The Cable: Belden 1694A, 7711A or 7712A:

Any 75 ohm video coax can be used for RGB/S and RGB/H/V runs; but the very best performing cable for this application is Belden's top precision video coax, Belden 1694A, or its bundled versions, 7711A (four-conductor), and 7712A (five-conductor). (Note: if you're looking for three-conductor RGB or component cable, visit our component video department, where we have Belden 7710A, the three-cable version). These cables use a high-density polyethylene foam dielectric for low capacitance and exceptional velocity of propagation, and their shielding--two layers of foil and a dense tinned copper braid--give them maximum protection from EMI and RFI. This excellent isolation from noise, while important in every application, is especially so in the long cable runs that are typical in home theater applications. One warning: 7711A and 7712A are very BIG cables; 7712A is almost an inch thick, 7711A almost 7/8 inch thick. If you're running cable through walls or conduit, you may find that 1694A, though not bundled, is much easier to work with. View the technical specs for Belden 1694A.

Belden 7712A RGB/H/V cable, with Canare RCA plugs
View Prices for our full-sized RGB/S and RGB/H/V Cables and breakout adapters

The Connectors: Canare RCAPs and/or BNCs

On our full-sized cables, we use Canare plugs; we offer both RCA and BNC plugs from Canare, at your option. The Canare BNC plug is a true 75 ohm connector, and the RCA plug is designed for the best possible impedance match with 75 ohm cable. Between the tight impedance tolerance of the Belden cable and the impedance-matched design of these connectors, you'll get the best possible impedance consistency between your equipment, for minimum signal reflection. The Canare crimp assembly system provides a superb, electrically sound, mechanically reliable connection with both the center pin and the connector body through the use of tight compression dies made specifically for these connectors. View Canare's description and specs for the RCAP plugs. View Canare's description and specs for the BNC plugs.

Canare RCAP RCA Plugs and BNC Connectors
Calrad HD-15 to BNC breakout adapter

Breakout Adapter from Calrad:

If you're connecting to an HD-15 plug, you'll need a breakout adapter with female BNCs on one end, and you'll want the accompanying cable to have male BNCs to connect to that adapter. At left is the Calrad HD-15 breakout to five female BNCs; this adapter is made in China and no specs are available for it. We've had many customers use these without problems, and these adapters have the advantage of low cost: $25.95.

Alternative Breakout Adapter: Belden 1522A

If you prefer, we also offer our own breakout adapter, which we produce using Belden 1522A, a solder-type gold-pin HD-15, and RF crimp-type female BNCs. We offer this adapter both in three-BNC and five-BNC versions. While technically this is a better product than the Calrad, we have to admit that in most applications there will be no observable difference in performance between the two because the length of the adapter is so short--so we heartily recommend the less-expensive Calrad adapter.
Our own breakout adapter--Belden 1522A with RF female BNCs

Breakout to RCA jacks:

We're often asked about breakout adapters to RCA female connectors. We have never found a suitable inline RCA female to use for these, and so don't offer them at this time. Please do note that since we offer all of our video cables with BNCs at one or both ends, and since the BNC is a better video connector than the RCA, if you're buying the cable as well as the breakout from us, there's really no reason to go with RCAs at this connection. If, however, you're in the position of needing to use one of these breakouts with an existing RCA-terminated cable, we do carry RCA/BNC adapters at $2.00 each which can be used to make the connection; don't forget that you'll need three, four, or five of these depending on your specific application.

We think you'll be impressed with the performance of our cables; but we also offer a complete, unconditional return privilege. If for any reason--or for no reason--you're not completely, utterly satisfied, just return the cables within 30 days and we'll refund your purchase price in full.

Other Coaxes:

Belden 1522A is our only miniature coax product, and therefore the only cable available to run directly into an HD-15; however, we can supply full-sized cables using a wide variety of other coaxes from Belden and Canare. Here are a few of the alternatives; for a complete list, click here to see all the coaxes we currently offer.

Canare L-5CFB Coax:

Although we're partial to the Belden 1694A coax cable, there are some who prefer the similar offering from Canare, L-5CFB. Our view: both are tremendous products, and you won't be disappointed with either. The L-5CFB cable is physically similar to the Belden, but is a bit thicker and slightly less flexible. Its capacitance and attenuation figures are a tad higher than the Belden, but these distinctions are very slight and hardly worth mentioning; like the Belden, this cable was engineered for superb performance in handling analog and digital video signals and is suitable even for long runs. View Canare's description and specs for L-5CFB.

Belden 1505F Coax:

For most applications, where your cables will be installed once or a few times and seldom handled, we recommend the solid-conductor coaxes above. However, if you will be handling your cables on a regular basis because of frequent system reconfigurations, or mobile use, or what-have-you, or if you will need to route your cables around tight corners without kinking and without having the cable "fight back", a more flexible cable with a stranded center conductor will be easier to work with. Belden 1505F is a precision video cable designed as a patch panel cable; it is significantly more flexible than Belden's solid-core precision video cables, and somewhat thinner than 1694A. View Belden's technical specs for 1505F.

Belden 1695A Coax:

Belden 1695A is a Teflon dielectric version of 1694A, almost identical in performance specs, but fire-rated for use in plenums. View Belden's technical specs for 1695A.

Techflex Braided Cable Jacket:

Apart from the bundled Belden 1522A, 7711A and 7712A, all of the cables described above come as four or five separate black cables of identical length, with color-coded boots. If you prefer cables which are grouped together in a common jacket, we also offer Techflex, a black plastic braided covering similar to a "finger trap," on cables up to twelve feet long. Techflex adds one dollar per foot to the cost of any cable assembly above.

View Our Price Lists for:
HD-15 to HD-15 Cables
One-Piece HD-15 to RCA or BNC Cables
Full-sized RGB/S and RGB/H/V Cables, with or without HD-15 Breakout Adapters

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