HDMI to DVI Cables

The HDMI standard and its older cousin, DVI, are very closely related to one another. Both use the same methods of video encoding, and send video information down the same sort of cable structure, so that in many cases (most, really, as long as the resolutions and features are compatible) HDMI devices can be joined directly to DVI devices through an HDMI/DVI cable. We offer both a selection of HDMI/DVI cables and, as an alternative, HDMI to DVI adapters.

Tartan 24 AWG HDMI/DVI Cables

Our Tartan brand HDMI/DVI cables are Chinese-made, conventional 24 AWG cables, available in black or white jacket.

Tartan 24 HDMI/DVI Cables
24 AWG pairs
Length Color


Female HDMI/Male DVI Adapter

For plugging an HDMI cable into a DVI jack.
NOTE: Photo shows two for illustration; price is for one.

Female HDMI to Male DVI Adapter
$8.00 each

Female DVI/Male HDMI Adapter

For plugging a DVI cable into an HDMI jack.
NOTE: Photo shows two for illustration; price is for one.

Female DVI/Male HDMI Adapter
$8.00 each

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