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Blue Jeans Cable offers a variety of HDMI cables, the newest being our Series-4 UHD cables which are UHS certified (often referred to, erroneously, as "HDMI 2.1" certification). Our other p[rincipal product are our bonded-pair HDMI cables; the bulk cable for these is made in the USA for us by Belden, and we have the connectorization done at a high-quality assembly house in China. Our Series-FE is the more flexible 28 AWG version, while the Series-1E is the heavier 23.5 AWG version -- less flexible, but suitable for longer runs. Additionally, we sell our own Tartan brand economy HDMI cables in both 28 and 24 AWG versions.

BJC Series-4 UHD HDMI Cables
Ultra-High Speed Certified
for data rates up to 48.0 Gbps

BJC Series-FE HDMI Cables
28 AWG Bonded pairs, with Ethernet;
High speed certified to 15 feet
Length Color

BJC Series-3A HDMI Cables
Active cables;
for data rates up to 18.0 Gbps

BJC Series-1E HDMI Cables
23.5 AWG Bonded pairs, with Ethernet;
High speed certified to 25 feet
Length Color

Tartan 28 HDMI Cables
28 AWG; with Ethernet in black and white
Length Color

Tartan 24 HDMI Cables
24 AWG pairs, with Ethernet
Length Color

HDMI Adapters and Accessories:

If you need adapters, couplers, switches and the like, see our HDMI Accessories department.

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