DVI and Displayport Cables

Our principal DVI cable offerings are dual-link DVI-D cables, which can be used for any digital DVI connection. While there is also such a thing as DVI-A (Analog signal over DVI), it's rarely seen these days and mostly will be found on older devices; in essence it's a VGA-type signal, which is most easily connected through an adapter or breakout cable, which you'll find below.

DVI-D Cables:

DVI-D Dual Link Cables
Black Jacket, Gold-plated connectors
Rated CL2 for in-wall installation


Description Price
Displayport Cable,
2 meter (6.56 foot)
HDMI Female/DP Male
Adapter cable, 6 inches
Out of stock

DVI to Analog Connections:

Note: these cables and adapters will not convert DVI digital signals to analog;
they are for use only where the DVI port supports analog signals.

Description Price
Male DVI to Female
VGA Adapter
DVI to 5 Female BNC
Breakout Adapter, 1 foot

DVI, HDMI and M1 Adapters:

Description Price
Female DVI to
Male HDMI Adapter
Female HDMI to
Male DVI Adapter
Male M1 to Female DVI
and USB Adapter
Male Mini-Displayport
to Female HDMI Adapter

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