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Our analog audio cables are available not only in stereo pairs but also in five, six, seven or eight-channel sets for use with any surround setup which requires individual analog cables (for surround audio in a single cable, see our digital audio cable department). Our principal recommended cable for multichannel audio is our proprietary LC-1 cable with our own Taversoe brand RCA plugs, shown above. It's flexible, low in capacitance, and heavily shielded. We also offer some other cable stocks -- Belden 1505F for smaller profile and high flex, or 1694A for situations where RFI is a problem. To order LC-1 in black jacket, see below; for the other cable stock choices, for more color options or for optional bundling in braided nylon "techflex," click the "more options" link below.

BJC LC-1 Multichannel Audio Cables
Black, with RCA plugs
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